My Sisters' House

About us

A little about us and our objectives

We provide a ‘one-stop’ shop provision for women. Supporting from crisis to where they want to be – arriving with us at any stop along the way. Personal development & social skills courses to enhance skills for life work and build self esteem. Courses aimed at improving home & family life – i.e. parenting skills , financial literacy and practical skills Courses aimed at strengthening community Working to remove barriers through provision of:

  • crèche facility
  • a translation service
  • disability access
  • information, advice & guidance
  • signposting and ongoing coaching & mentoring

My Sisters' House

My Sisters' House

Our pathway of provision:

CONNECT: Induction, assessment, Early coaching sessions to enable a ‘My Gateway Action Plan’ to be put together:

Then; depending on their needs they may progress step by step through the pathway or move straight onto the Enable formal training. It is important that what we provide is relevant, and accessible.

ENGAGE: this where we empower women with personal development social skills workshops where we develop confidence, self esteem, assertiveness, and public speaking. This is combined with one-to-one coaching sessions. From this pathway we may refer for more specialist advice, counselling, and holistic therapy or suggest other groups as part of our provision.

We hope to develop some peer-to-peer support groups at this stage.

ENCOURAGE:: this is where we continue building confidence with more challenging courses such as negotiation skills, conflict management , body language, time management and other bespoke courses as desired i.e. Employability, interview skills, citizenship, women’s health, organisational skills, parenting confidence. This is combined with one-to-one coaching sessions.

We hope to develop some peer-to-peer support groups at this stage.

ENABLE: This is where we help them access community provision – literacy, maths, adult education courses, secure them supportive work placements if wished, and volunteering experiences if desired , insight tours into real life areas that want to move into.

During this period they have coaching sessions where goals are set with them and supported & follow up during and at the end of them attending external placements /courses. We celebrate & recognise each stage.

What difference do we want to make?

We want women to have confidence and courage, but more than that:

Connection: that women feel included, not alone or isolated

  • Relationships: their relationships are rich, positive, rewarding, trusting and respectful
  • Resilience and Emotional Well Being: they can manage their state of mind and take responsibility for how they feel
  • Meaningful Experiences: that what they experience daily makes sense and allows them to flourish
  • Purpose and Contribution: that they know that what they do matters
  • Self-efficacy and Goal Realisation: they have a belief in their abilities, skills and purpose.
  • Love; The Self Variety.
  • Empowerment : that the path they choose is right for them